Party Room Hire

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to my favourite room, our lovely family party room. My name is Lisa and if you require any information about the room, I am the person to contact. My contact details are 07403583038 or you can contact me direct on our FB page in Messenger. I book each party personally and help behind the scenes to take the stress away from you. I have over 3 years’ experience party planning and I help coordinate smoothly, on average, 3 parties a week, so my knowledge is your gain! 
I absolutely love the family party room. It helps creates the setting for so many happy memories and I feel much honored in this job to be a small part of the happiness created. The friendly staff and I are always on hand to help you create your perfect day. The room is free to hire but to secure the date, we require a £25 holding/cleaning deposit, which is returned if you choose to go ahead with your party and clean up after your guests. You can of course opt for not cleaning and that's not a problem, we can do this for you, but you will simply lose your deposit.
The room includes black and white tablecloths, chair covers and a choice of colour sashes for the chairs. We have a choice of pink, pale blue, yellow, burgundy and black. We also have a few table decorations (flowers in candelabras) and all this is included in the package and is ready and dressed for your party upon your arrival. You can of course bring your own tablecloths and decorations or simply add to ours, the choice is yours.
Larger parties, (if you have over 140 guests) why not hire the entire pub, our conditions for this is £100 non refundable deposit to secure your date , plus we require you to purchase food from us and dj the food is payable in full 1 week before the party and the dj is payable the day of the party before the party starts

We had the pleasure of many wedding receptions in Overwoods. We even had a mock ceremony, where the lovely couple got married abroad and a lot of family and friends could not make it, so they got married again in front of their loved ones. However, I must state, we do not have the legal paper work for marriages, it was just re-enacting the big day for their guests, but never the less it was beautiful.
We also had many beautiful wedding receptions held in the function room and we can help you plan your day. You can have the room all day or just the evening and we can help you have the room exactly how you want it. End of the day, it’s your big day and no one else’s. 
Weddings don't have to break the bank, but opting for a cheap wedding reception venue like Overwoods can make a huge difference to the cost of your day meaning you can splash out on other things like a holiday, the kids, your home and your future.

If you want to impress your friends by holding a fabulous birthday bash, we are the venue you should turn to. Even just by adding a few balloons, you can make the room your own. Why not go with a theme? A popular choice at the moment is Peaky Blinders and it’s a bit of fun and the guests love it. Or why not just leave it all to us, as the room will already be dressed enough to impress guests? You can do as little or as much as you want, but you will be guaranteed a fantastic night no matter what. 
We no longer accept children's parties unless over 20 adults are invited as guests. We call this a family party. Usually children/family parties are on a Sunday, but obviously if you want a bigger party and can reach the minimum number of adults required, you can choose a Saturday.
Saturday birthday party conditions include: 
- over 40 adults attending and minimum 4 hours use of the bar. You can choose any time from  2pm – midnight (ideal for larger parties).
Sunday parties include free background music and come with the following conditions:
- Minimum 20 adults attending and minimum 3 hours of use of bar from  3pm - 10pm (ideal for smaller parties).
All children must have someone responsible for looking after them. This is because safeguarding children is our number one priority. 

Baby showers / gender reveal 

A big congratulation is in order and it’s time for that party to celebrate your baby soon to be arriving into the world. This is exciting times and to celebrate this occasion, the room is dressed in pink or blue or even both if it’s a reveal. We don't normally allow confetti, however an exception is made on the gender reveal parties because it’s often confetti used to see if you have a boy or girl. If this is the case, please just explain this on booking, so this is noted and agreed.
We usually do these parties on a Sunday purely because of numbers. If you would like a bigger party and can reach the minimum numbers, you can alternatively choose a Saturday. This party is all about your choice, some people go traditional and just have a few female friends, whilst others have their partners and it’s more of a bigger celebration. 
Sunday parties include free background music, but we do request that food is purchased from us. Our Vintage tea party buffet costs £5.50 - £6 per person.


It’s your little ones big day, so we understand this is very important to you and we will do all we can to make the day special. We realise that our usual 3pm start on a Sunday is not practical when you have a time set with the Church, so we can alter the time to start the party at a time more suitable for your big day.
All wakes/celebrations of life have the option of free background music supplied by us. Friday and Sunday parties have the option free music and disco lights package (no DJ) usual price £30 If you require a DJ, we recommend our resident DJ Rob, who is very reliable and with many years of experience you can be sure of a good night, Rob is best known for DJing at the Tavern for 16 years and has been with us now since May 2019. He has also stepped in on a couple of occasions when other DJs have let customers down.
However, you can use whoever you want as a DJ, but they must be insured. Most professional DJs do have this, so don't be scared to ask. Be careful if a DJ is too cheap, as there is usually a reason for this, so our advice is to check out their reviews or go and see them perform. The DJ can help create or break your party, so don't be scared to ask questions and ask if they even play the music you want at your party; remember your paying for the service. 
DJ Rob’s number is 07711287706; quote Overwoods for a discount for all Overwoods customers using the party room. 
Bouncy castles are becoming popular in the courtyard and this is ideal for Sunday day parties or even Weddings in the day time. We close the courtyard door at 7pm due to noise control to respect our lovely neigbours, so bare this in mind before booking.
You can supply your own food or use us (this is with the exception to whole pub hire , baby showers and gender reveals food must be purchased from us food must be paid in full 1 week before the party )

No outside drink to be consumed on the premises. Your party is in danger of ending early if this occurs, so please advise guests of this.
If your guests are over 18, but lucky enough to look younger than 21, please note we cannot serve alcohol without ID, so please remind them of this.
Children are welcome if accompanied with a responsible adult and they must be supervised at all times. We do have problems with children wondering into the bar alone, so please can you respect that we are a pub and the bar is not the best place for children.
Conditions of hiring the room: 
No outside drinks to be brought into the party by you or your guests, please advise guests about this, as we will end your party early if this occurs. 
Children are welcome, but must be supervised at all times and to stay in the function room. 
A £25 deposit is needed to secure your booking and this is returned if you choose to tidy up after your party and you go ahead with your party.
Children’s parties including 16th and 18th birthdays are only accepted if there are minimum 20 adults in the party. 
Outside food can be brought in. We have a fridge that can be used, which is located in the function room (except baby showers/gender reveals).
No confetti is allowed, even in balloons except gender reveal parties as long as this is pre planned with us. 
With candles that are similar to sparklers, please avoid these as they set our smoke alarms off. 
For Saturday parties we require at least 40 adults, Friday and Sunday parties at least 20 adults. 
For Wakes, we know this is a difficult time already for you ,so we do not ask for any deposits up front.
For cancellations, please can you help us by letting us know ASAP? If we manage to rebook your date again with another customer you will get your deposit back. Due the demand of the room there is every possibility we can rebook the room, so the sooner we get told more chance of this happening, if we can not rehire the date you will lose your deposit
The room has a courtyard to it, but this is closed at 7pm, so only can be used for day parties. 

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